Cool Down Tricks To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

If you have been reading this blog for a while you have no doubt realized that premature ejaculation can and is being beaten by men who are willing to study and develop the skills needed to maintain phenomenal ejaculatory control.

We have touched on a few of the seven skills of lasting longer in bed from Adam Davey’s Last Longer Now program, such as exercises and the mental side of things so today I want to talk about what is known as “cool down” techniques and why they are a must-have within your bag of tricks.

Cool down tricks to last longer in bed
Cool tricks are a great last line of defense against premature ejaculation

Cooldown tricks or techniques are things you can do as you approach the moment where your ejaculatory system is beginning to tense up and you feel that you are starting to head down the path of no return. Their primary goal is stopping ejaculation and I guess you could call them a fail-safe or think of them as that trump card you have tucked away to bring out should you ever need it.

Great For Boosting Your Confidence In Bed

What a lot of men who work through the program found is that the most powerful thing about learning the various cool-down methods is actually the added confidence it gives them during the early stages of intercourse.

Just knowing that they have that extra wall of insurance tends to empower them to stop thinking and worrying about what might happen if things go wrong. They will then relax more and find it easier to implement the other 6 core skills of lasting in bed.

There is a range of these cool-down methods and once you have learned them all, you can then develop the understanding of which ones work the best for each situation and perhaps more importantly exactly when to use them.

You don’t want to put them into action too early or too late but most guys will pick this up relatively easily.

Combining Cool Down Methods Is Highly Effective

Once you have got all the cool-down methods down pat, you can then take it to the next level and combine some of them for even more confidence.  It’s worth experimenting with different combinations yourself and you should pretty quickly be able to come up with some really strong combinations that you will feel really confident with.

Don’t Forget The Core Skills Of Lasting In Bed

These cool-down methods taught in Adam Davey’s Last Longer Now program are a must-have for any guy, whether he experiences premature ejaculation or not.

But for men with pe, they need to be seen as something that compliments or even “backs up” all the other skills. After all, once you learn and develop the other six skills of lasting, chances are you’ll never even need to implement these cool-down methods, as you have boosted your ejaculatory control so much that you have it fully under command.

You can learn more about these cool-down methods and all of the 7 core skills of lasting in bed over at Adam’s site where he does into a lot more detail about each method.

Cool it down, get relaxed and enjoy longer-lasting sex