A few quick methods to last longer in bed right now

Couple in bed
Give your lasting time a boost and prevent premature ejaculation effecting your love life

Why not learn a few things you can do to last longer in bed and satisfy your partner by tonight. Sex or coitus is considered as one of the most common thing that people do nowadays especially for both parties who belong in the opposite sex. In the past generations, sex is known to be done after marriage but today, it is done by people because of several reasons such as they love each other or they simply just want to have fun. Most of the time, when a girl and a guy have sex, the male reaches climax first and suddenly reaching satisfaction thus, leaving the female unsatisfied because they usually reach climax longer than men do. This issue is actually a problem for both parties especially to the part of women. Fortunately, there are some easy and effective ways to solve this.

The first tip is to try thinking unsavory thoughts because it will eventually turn you off thus, lowering the chance of reaching the climax faster. This is quite helpful for some men because it is easy to do while having sex. Another tip is to squeeze your penis just below the tip to lessen or block the stimulation by preventing the blood flow which is the main cause of premature ejaculation. To do this, just squeeze your on the part just below the tip for 10-25 seconds. Don’t do it for too long because you might get turned-off completely.

The next tip is to try only inserting the tip of your penis for lesser stimulation. However, this is quite difficult to do while keeping your girl satisfied at the same time but, it is possible. Just explore or experiment until you can perfect it. Hurt yourself is also another good tip because your mind will focus on another matter which is the pain that you’ve inflicted to yourself thus, decreasing the urge for premature ejaculation. Do long foreplay for sex to last longer for the girl to feel more satisfaction by enjoying sex. Actually, this is done by many men nowadays because it can provide women the urge to reach climax much faster.

Try exercising your kegels muscles can also do the trick. Most women commonly practice this but men should try it too for the sake of having a more satisfying sex. By practicing your kegels muscles, you will be capable of holding your ejaculation for a longer period of time while having sex.To Exercise your kegel muscles, try stop peeing in mid-stream and do this repetitively. However, when you do this when having sex, expect for a larger amount of ejaculation to blast out of your penis. This is actually proven to be one of the most effective ways to understand how to last longer in bed. Another very effective tip is to simply empty your system before having sex because it is known that you will have longer time of having sex before reaching climax. What’s good about this tip is that it is very simple to do and yet, very effective. These are all simple and natural ways for men to last longer in bed and keep women satisfied and may keep coming back for more.